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About Us

Purpose of Family Resource Centers

The State of Nevada defines a family resource center as a facility within an at-risk neighborhood where families who reside within that neighborhood or a contiguous at-risk neighborhood may obtain:

  1. An assessment of their eligibility for social services,
  2. List of available Social Services at the organization; and
  3. Referrals to obtain social services from other social service agencies or organizations.

Family Resource Centers emphasize community-based, resident driven, collaborative programs that are culturally competent, accessible and flexible.


The mission of the Ron Wood Family Resource Center is to create a lasting community-wide cooperative effort between the private sector and governmental agencies to promote healthy family relationships through education and support services. We currently offer a vast array of services that range from basic needs assistance to parenting classes and after school programs.


The Ron Wood Family Resource Center was founded in 1995 by a group of local citizens concerned with the future of Carson City’s young people and their families. The center originally began as the “Ron Wood Project” and the main focus was to be a truancy center. However, the “project” quickly grew into a Family Resource Center in order to meet the growing need of Carson City’s residents. Nevada Family resource Centers are regulated and partially funded by Nevada Revised StatuteĀ  NRS 430A.