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Supervised Visitation

Fees for Services

Hourly rates are determined by a sliding scale fee. A wage statement is necessary to determine fees. Both parents must participate in the intake process before visitations can begin!

Intake Fee: $35

Supervised Visitations: $35-45* / Hour

Telephone/Web-cam monitoring: $35-45* / Hour   (must provide own web-cam)

Custody Exchange monitoring: $15* / Exchange

*Fees for visitations canceled less than 24 hours in advance are non-refundable!

Supervised Visitation Intake Packet: Document (PDF)

Supervised Visitation Services

Both parents must participate in the intake process before visitations can begin.

Visitation Procedures:

  • Monitor will be present at all times during visitation and is monitoring from the moment of arrival.
  • All contact between child/children and the non-custodial parent shall take place within monitor’s hearing and sight at all times. Parents and children must speak English unless an interpreter is available.
  • Custodial and visiting parent will adhere to monitor’s guidance at exchange and during scheduled visitation.
  • Non-compliance with guidelines or challenging the authority of the monitor may lead to termination of services at the discretion of the monitor.
  • Family members or friends who participate in visitation must comply with guidelines.

Please Note:

  • Monitor will only convey information between parents regarding child/children’s medical needs and/or visitation and exchanges.
  • Unless medically authorized or prohibited, dietary requests are not monitored or enforced.
  • Custodial and visiting parents are required to meet the needs of child/children during visitation times (ie, bring diaper bag, baby food, changes of clothes, etc.)
  • Except for late cancellations and emergencies, calls to the monitor should be made Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.


Rules of Conduct

The following is prohibited during supervised visitation:

  • Inappropriate demands for physical contact, foul language, shouting, threats of violence or abuse, attempts to move child/children out of sight or hearing of monitor.
  • Passing of correspondence or messages to the other parent (such as regarding legal matters) through child/children or monitor.
  • Using the visitation for the service of court documents.
  • Sharing of detailed court information or court documents with the child/children  and/or making of promises about future living arrangements, time sharing or visitation modifications. Visit discussions should focus on the present to avoid pressure and/or disappointment.
  • Speaking negatively about the other parent, his or her family or designee in front of the child/children and/or questions about the other parent’s whereabouts or activities.
  • Permanent alterations of child/children during visitation without prior written consent of custodial parent. Alteration includes but is not limited to haircuts, tattoos, body or ear piercing.
  • Smoking in the presence of the child/children or monitor.
  • Weapons or any articles that could be used a weapon at site of visitation.
  • Contact or confrontation between parents during exchange or visitation.